Friday, April 30, 2010

Fri, 30th

Today we reached very much, which you can also really see. We connected all of our classes and nearly have the menu ready. Our game screen is ready and you can already place some strokes on a demo symbol.
Right now, everything seems to work the way we want it and we are really looking forward to finish the stand-alone-version very soon.
One of the problems we had during the last days - that instances of the same class using an attribute always used all together the same memory address, which means that the value of the attribute changes for all instances when you change it for one - has been solved by simply not writing the attribute in the usual place for attributes in the class definition, but declaring it in the constructor so that it is created with the instance and only for this instance.
We also used events for the first time so that we can now scan the input for the important signals and  e.g. show new buttons when a first button was clicked.
Happy is the right word to describe how we feel about today's and this week's work.

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