Monday, May 3, 2010

Mo, 3rd May - presentation and continuation

Today we spent our time on two different aspects. On the one hand we presented the progress of our project. On the other hand we worked hard trying to get our already on windows working (!) version working on the OLPC.
This morning we visited together with Mr Haeussler, our teacher for computer science, Mrs Matthes and had a little chat about the ongoing of our project. Afterwards we presented the current state of our project and talked about opportunities to continue it.
But what is exactly the current state of our project? Since last week our project has experienced a lot of changes and improvement. All of our classes are working properly together. User interface exists and is completely usable. Also Bots are added which interact with the player. Symbols and strokes of which they are consisting are dynamically loaded according to a txt-file - our dictionary "database".
So right now our next task is to get all this existing stuff working on the XO. Today we started doing this - and already experienced some problems concerning namespaces. But by now it seems that we found a possibility to solve this problem and are looking forward to get it done.
In best case we would be able to present at the end of this week three different versions: Singleplayer - non-XO, Singleplayer - XO and Multiplayer - XO. In worst case we should have at least the windows version working. Friday we will see what we managed to create - probably somehow an average case :-).

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