Monday, April 26, 2010

Tue, 20h April - Today we are going to make a decision!

Either we design an "app" for the iPhone or we create an activity for the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child).
An app for iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad always has someting shiny, nice and pretty. Development seems slightly doable because of the comfortable IDE XCode which also comes with a built-in emulator for a few Apple-devices. So why just think about the other option?
Of course we are going to do our very best in the following weeks and work hard at the realization of our project. But possibly it would be quite cool to have the opportunity to continue our work even after the end of our internship (Damir mentioned this a few times). So the one problem with the creation of an "app" was that XCode exclusively runs on a Mac which we unfortunately do not own.
On the other hand we liked the idea behind the OLPC: giving the possibility of getting in touch with education to children of poor countries and being part of a big open-source-project.
Finally we decided to choose the OLPC as our target platform, because of the ability to keep on working after our internship, but also because of the idea behind.
But by now we also needed to find a project to work on. Mainly we thought about two different options: creating a project using the OLPC-activity eToys or designing our own activity - probably kind of a small game. So we gave eToys a try but soon recognized that there must be even more interesting projects out there. So it was clear that we are not going to spend three weeks on eToys but it was not clear which project we will be tackeling during our internship. Luckily Felix - who helps us from time to time - had the great idea to do a portation of an already existing project which is called "We Make Words". This game is a collaborative learning game for children. Its main target is to make children aware of the advantages of teamwork.
We are very happy to have found a great project to work on and are looking forward to get the most out of it!

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