Monday, April 26, 2010

Thu, 22nd April – Long day, first program

Hello again!
Today we had a very well-filled day with lots of different tasks and happenings. Firstly, we were very happy to get the opportunity to say hello to the whole team of chair Bruegge. In a familiar atmosphere we were given a very warm welcome.
Secondly, we heard our first ever lesson at university. We participated in EIST (which is the German abbreviation for introduction into software engineering) with lots of other students. Mostly interesting topics were discussed in a very imaginable way and it was kind of fun.
Thirdly, Max managed to write an executable hello-world-program which was a great success for us.
And fourthly, we visited the second kick-off meeting for the iPhone practicum, which again included having buffet and a short trip to the Campus Cneipe afterwards.

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