Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tue, 27th April

Our guideline for today: Analyzing the Objective-C-code of the original program and understand what's going on behind the scenes. We also do this by reviewing the UML class diagrams of the existing documentation.
Afterwards we hopefully are able to build a class structure which is able to imitate the functionality of the original program.
Right now it looks as if we are going to design some new procedures and kick other ones out because they do not seem necessary to us.
So far for this morning, work will continue after lunch.

And here is our evening report: We decided to code a program without the aspiration to have a fully extendable and portable program because we think that this cannot be done in the two remaining weeks of our project phase. So we analyzed the functionalities needed by the program to work properly and built a new class system from scratch. After developing some ideas with pen and paper we decided to have it digital. Visual Paradigm Community Edition seemed to be a good tool for this job so we decided to register and download it. Our first result can be seen underneath this text.

Further on we found out that .png pictures containing transparency are still displayed correctly on the XO so that we can use this effect to overlay pictures. Additionally we decided to first code a version working on a Windows system because we want to built and test the program itself before we start testing the compatibility with the XO.

Finally we can proudly say, that we have been featured by another web-page, which is the blog of Felix, who had the idea for our project and supports us from time to time: http://kaserf.blogspot.com/ .

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