Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wed, 28th April - Coding Session

Today's progress is easy to tell. We started our first real coding session to implement what we designed in UML yesterday. The block containing dictionary, symbol and stroke is nearly ready from our current point of view and all other classes have also experienced large steps forward. Our dictionary is able to read a .txt file which contains the information about which files have to be loaded. The goal of the game is to compose a chinese character for an animal out of single strokes or packages of strokes. So our .txt file contains the name of the animal, the path of a background image and the paths of the single strokes.
We also learned a lot about lists, inheritance, python functionality in general and the pygame package.We experienced the advantage of coding a stand-alone version because testing is very easy. Pygame works quite well on Windows so we think that we will be able to transfer our version to the OLPC comparatively doable. At least... we hope it :-)

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