Monday, April 26, 2010

Fri, 23rd April – Not really working

After having visited the first lecture of EIST yesterday, we had EIST today for the second time. It was quite interesting to see what we already talked about in computer science lessons, but also to see, how fast things are done in university for which you take hours in school. Because our coach Damir had told us yesterday that we even would not need to show up in university at all we started working quite relaxed, maybe a little bit too relaxed, so in the end we did not really progress. While Björn started writing the blog, Max tried to reproduce his success from Thursday when he managed to get our own “Hello World”-program running on the OLPC. But our project did not reach a new success.
Although we had told us in the morning not to work too much, we finally stayed in university till about 6 o’clock.

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