Friday, April 30, 2010

Thu, 30th April - Busy

First of all: We have been very busy today. On the one hand we continued our project and workend intensively on the implementation of our classes. On the other hand we participated in the lecture EIST held by professor Brügge and were engaged in the ice-breaking challenge of the "iPhone-Praktikum".
Let's start taking a closer look at our project. We are still working on the stand-alone-version for windows. Mainly because of two reasons: First, both of our laptops came as common with installed windows OS so it has become our development platform. Second, if the portation to the OLPC would fail, we also had another version which works. This would be a slightly better result of our project phase than having no clue what to do get just anything working.
Our current target is to get the windows version working. Then we are going to do some necessary changes according to the special features of the OLPC. Then we will test our activity in the simulator and afterwards on a real XO. We really hope that our activity will at this moment work. Because debugging on the XO can become really difficult because the only feedback we get from it is wether the activity starts or not. That is so far our roadmap for the OLPC coding.
EIST lecture in the morning was interesting and covered aspects which are helpfull for our project, too. Especially for the documentation of our program using UML.
The icebreaking challenge of the "iPhone-Praktikum" started at half past three in the afternoon. Its target was as usual for icebreakers a better team bonding. Today every team had to build a tower out of paper, balloons and some other stuff. Afterwards their towers were judged in different categories such as height, beauty and weight which can be placed on the top of them before they break down. Our job was to help the organization staff as good as possible. After the awards show our day ended enjoying some BBQ.

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