Friday, May 7, 2010

Thu, 6th May - Lots of documentation

Today we spent our whole time on creating materials which document our project and our work on it. On the one hand we wrote a summary (in two versions, one shorter and one longer) and created a presentation about our experiences during the internship. On the other hand we created a project site at google sites:, wrote a tutorial which actually describes our way to make an activity work in very detail ( and are going to place our source codes at google code. Hopefully someone in future uses our materials and is therefore able to create his own activity. Also these steps are necessary to make a continuation of programming in future just possible. Also our coaches are involved in our project site so that we can continue our cooperation.
Tomorrow we are going to continue documentation (UML diagram, some content for our new web page, etc.) and we will do our final presentation tomorrow. We are a little bit excited about it but hope that each part of our presentation just works well.

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