Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wed, 5th May - beta - release

Today we finished the development part of our project. Finally we created two seperate running versions: One for windows platform, one for the OLPC.
During the last 24 hours we spent a lot of energy on adding some nice features, some animations and of course creating nice graphics. This took some time but we guess paid out. Thanks to a lot of people who published pictures they have taken under the Creative Commons License we were able to find a few quite beautiful ones and put them together for our activity. Following the license we mention the names of all authors of pictures on our startup screen.
Today's coding was rather relaxed. After managing a portation of the almost complete project we were able to repeat this procedure today and get everything to work.
In the final phase which we actually entered today we try to finish everything and bring it to a proper end.
So we are going to spend next two days completely on documentation. On friday we will finish our three weeks at TUM with a special highlight. We are going to present our results during a video taping session. So afterwards we will receive a short video featuring us and our project - and of course the XO.
Also there are few more tasks to fullfill - such as: creating presentations, writing documentation - probably a tutorial for other OLPC developers or people who are interested in this subject, updating UML diagram, adding (more) comments to source code and ... .
So all in all we are looking forward to our video taping session and are still working on the finalization of our program.

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