Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fr, 7th May - Final presentation

Today was the final day of our three weeks internship at TU München. We finished our project phase by giving a presentation which was filmed by Mrs Demmel. She helped us really a lot and spent a lot of time on taping our presentation and will also is going to edit it afterwards.
This presentation is in our oppinion a good way to finish our project phase. We were reviewing the whole process of our work and also created a website which makes it just possible to improve the activity weMakeWords for the OLPC in future. Finally we also have two proper working versions of our activity: of course the one for the OLPC and also the kind of necessary windows version. So we are very happy to have such a round and well-ordered result.
We are going to expand and improve our activity in future, too. But news will not longer be posted at this blog-website. Instead every further changes are reported on our project site
In nearer future, to be precise tomorrow, we are going to leave Munich. Looking back at these three weeks we spent here we can say that it was a really great time. Lots of experiences, many impressions, talks with many people we met ment both a very interesting and enriching internship and also a very enjoyable stay at the heart of Bavaria.

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